The Value of House Inspection

House Inspection – The Value

Home buyers are looking at a house that their budget, needs and esthetics. Unlike any other major purchases such as automobile home buyers can’t “try before you buy”.

Much of a home’s value (and eventual cost to the buyers) rests in how sound the property and its systems are – but the untrained eye isn’t able to determine the significance of common home issues that might be apparent during a walk-through. That’s way is a good idea to hire a professional home inspector to inspect the home.

A home inspection is designed to give buyers the information need to decide if they purchase the home as it is, if they are willing to buy it under certain conditions (such as the sellers addressing certain issues before closing), or if they should keep shopping for the right property. A home inspection first and foremost lets them know whether the property is safe to occupy. Assuming the home is safe, the inspection then reviews the condition of the home’s structure (foundation, roof, walls, interior and exterior) and systems (electrical, plumbing, air and heating systems).
Once the home inspection is done, the home buyer can determine the degree of upkeep, anticipated repairs and other work you’d need to do to maintain a safe and habitable property.
Home inspections can answer questions that the home buyers have about the property, offer home maintenance tips. Based on this a home buyer can make an informed decision about buying and maintaining the property. Here is a sample of the house inspection report with pictures.

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About the Home Inspector
Dan Joandrea

- I have been working in the home remodeling / construction industry for over 11 years. I have decided to open a home inspection company to help real estate home buyers to make an informed decision before making their biggest investment of their life. The home inspection is a very important step when purchasing a home.