Plumbing Systems Inspection

Our Inspection of the plumbing system includes a visual examination of the exposed portions of the domestic water supply, drain waste, vent, gas lines, faucets, fixtures, valves, drains, traps, exposed pipes and fittings. These items are examined for proper function, excessive or unusual wear, leakage and general state of repair. The hidden nature of piping prevents inspection of every pipe and joint connection, especially in walls, floors and ceiling voids. A sewer lateral test is necessary to determine the condition of the underground sewer lines. This type of test is beyond the scope of this inspection. Our review of the plumbing system does not include landscape irrigation systems, water wells, on site and/or private water supply systems, off site community water supply systems, or private (septic) waste disposal systems unless specifically noted. A qualified specialist prior to the closing of escrow can perform review of these systems. Our inspection of the water heater includes a visual examination of the accessible portions of the tank, gas, electrical and/or water connections, venting and safety valves. These items are examined for proper function, excessive or unusual wear, leakage and general state of repair.



Inspected Item Image
 Fuel Service Inspection [raw]

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Gas Meter
Meter Location: Exterior East Side
Shutoff Valve Location: Next to the meter

 Water Entrance Inspection
Service: Public
Type: Copper
Main Shutoff Valve Location: Basement
Size: 1″
 Waste Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Public
Pipes: Plastic

 Fixtures Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

 Water Heater Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Fuel Type: Gas
Location: Basement
Capacity: 40
Extension: Present
Relief Valve: Present
Seismic Restraint:
Gas Shutoff: Present
Venting (Air Supply): Present

 Pipes Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Material: Copper
Flow Rate: Satisfactory

 Drains Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Plastic


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