New Construction Home Inspection

Is it necessary to have a home inspection?

I’m buying a home from a builder, why do I need a home inspection? It was inspected by the local building department and passed all the inspections; I am just wasting my money. WRONG!!.

Last week I received a call to inspect a brand new home in Shelby Twp, Michigan 48315. It was beautiful home, with high ceilings, natural stone tile work, granite countertops, and many other features. Even that the house passed all the inspections, there were some issues that I have found during the house inspection.

When inspecting attics, I find problems that not even a home buyer that is in the construction field will not see them. I try to walk in all the attics, from one side to another. I can see any issues with attic ventilation, insulation, modifications to the roof systems, water intrusions and many other defects. In this home in Shelby Twp, I found out that one of the roof truss members was broken.

Roof truss issue

The framing contractor left it as is, it passed the local rough building inspection, and now the new home buyer could have got a new house with a potential issue of a roof collapsing. I am not a structural engineer, but when it comes to roof modifications from the original manufacturer build, the only recommendation that I can do is to get a professional structural engineer consultation




Some of other issues found during this home inspection in Shelby Twp 48315

Kitchen issues found by the home inspector Outlets not properly attached to the electrical boxes.
Found by the home inspector kitchen Missing caulking between tub and the wall tiles. 
 House Inspection - Missing handle garage door Garage door had a handle missing.

We are all humans, mistakes can happen, we are pushed to meet our deadliness, or sometimes is just “good enough”. But these should not be an excused; we are playing with another person biggest investment in their life.
Another reason to get an inspection for a new construction from a Certified Home Inspector is the advice that the real estate home buyer is receiving from the house inspector. I was in this home in Shelby for little over 3 hours. There were questions asked about the routine maintenance, questions about new systems in the home that my home inspection client didn’t have them in their previous home. At my time of departure I left two buyers happy with my detailed home inspection, and happy that they have spent the money for the home inspection.

No matter how new the home that you, the buyer, are purchasing, a home inspection is highly recommended.

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About the Home Inspector
Dan Joandrea

- I have been working in the home remodeling / construction industry for over 11 years. I have decided to open a home inspection company to help real estate home buyers to make an informed decision before making their biggest investment of their life. The home inspection is a very important step when purchasing a home.