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Most of our home inspection customers were referred to us by their real estate agents, attorney, another client or were previous clients.

Our Clients are our top priority !

Working in the home remodeling and construction industry for over 11 years, we decided to open a home inspection company to help real estate home buyers to make an informed decision before making their biggest investment of their life. The home inspection is a very important step when purchasing a home.

Licensed Builder in the State of Michigan – # 2101192087 Certified Lead Based Paint Renovator

Very thorough home inspection reports will be provided on site or emailed to you for your convenience, we will be available to answer any questions that you might have at any time about the real estate house inspection.

Here is what our recent home inspection clients have to say :

  • Ricardo S. “Inspection was excellent.”
  • Daniel B. “Very through and complete inspection. Dany explained everything in great detail for us.”
  • Roberta & Marc M. “He did a great and thorough home inspection and seemed extremely knowledgeable about house systems.”
  • Philip L. “Very satisfied. Would always use Total House Inspection.”
  • Valerie R. & Stephen S. “Dan was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions.”
  • Marian N. “My first experience with Total House Inspections was several months ago. My decision to call Dany again was an easy one and his professionalism and clear explanations solidified my choice again.”
  • Kristy M. “Inspector was very thorough and answered questions to our understanding.”
  • Jalil V. “Dan was very thorough in performing inspection. He explained everything in detail and was enthusiastic to answer all questions.”
  • Hoon & Annie L. “Dan is the best home inspector! Most informative inspector I ever met. Appreciate taking time to explain everything. Thank you.”
  • Saeeda S. “Dan was well worth the extra $50 I spent on him for doing the home inspection.”
  • Jeff & Rachel M. “He was very informative and took time to answer all of our questions.”
  • Danuta & Maria S. Very pleasant, courteous and super accurate.”
  • Theresa N. Mahwah “I felt very comfortable with Dan. He answered all my questions about the house.”
  • Nora & Mohamed I. “Explained everything in layman’s terms. Very thorough.”
  • Patricia V. “The inspection was great. The inspector explained everything to me so I could understand. Thank you!”
  • Juan & Abby T. “Mr. Dan Joandrea was very helpful and courteous. I am very satisfied with how well he performed the inspection.”
  • Nora H. & Siu L. “Dan is knowledgeable, courteous and took extra time to explain details to us. Really appreciated!!”
  • Mariusz G. “Very professional, timely, explained issues found well.”
  • Darrell & Carolyn G. “Very thorough. As a new home buyer I truly appreciate him being on my side.”
  • Seth B. “Very happy with the inspection. Inspector did a good job explaining what needs to be looked at again and what does not.”
  • Ron A. “Now I understand why there are so many positive reports about Total House Inspection.
  • I would highly recommend them.”
  • Haeun & Brian C. “Most thorough”
  • Glen T.”On time, through courteous, answers questions and knowledgeable.”
  • Raymond & Nicole M. “Fantastic job! Everything explained so I could understand.”
  • Tania O. & Havannes B. “Dan was extremely knowledgeable about homes. Made some great suggestions.”
  • Dany B. “Thorough inspection. Inspector was honest and very knowledgeable.”
  • Matthew & Kelly S. “Very satisfied. The inspector was very thorough and helpful explaining what the issues were with our future home.”
  • Susan D. “Very thorough and patient when explaining everything.”
  • Adam & Elizabeth D. “Very satisfied with the property inspection.”
  • Dany & Angela U. “Dan was extremely thorough. He pointed out possible concerns. I am very satisfied with his home inspection service.”
  • Brenda M. &Frank C. “Dan was extremely knowledgeable and provided us with an in depth understanding of your new home.”
  • Theresa O. “The inspector was more helpful than I anticipated! He was so knowledgeable! I feel very confident that his sole task was to help me.”
  • Jiho S. “This was my third time around with Dan and his work was still as exceptional as the first time around.”
  • Steve R. & Laura F. “The detailed description of the water issue was very helpful.”
  • Angela G. “Excellent and professional service and knowledge.”
  • Dennis & Gail S. “The inspection was very beneficial. Everything was explained well. Great explanation with water drainage on the property.”
  • Cristian P. “Good explanations on the defects.”
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