Inspection of Site Grounds & Grading

This inspection is not intended to address or include any geological conditions or site stability information. For information concerning these conditions, a geologist or soils engineer should be consulted. Any reference to grade is limited to only areas around the exterior of the exposed foundation or exterior walls. This inspection is visual in nature and does not attempt to determine drainage performance of the site or the condition of any underground piping, including municipal water and sewer service piping or septic systems. When decks and porches are built close to the ground where no viewing or access is possible, we cannot make accurate opinions. These areas as well as others that are too low to enter, or in some other manner not accessible, are excluded from the inspection and are not addressed in this report. We routinely recommend that inquiry be made with the seller about knowledge of conditions.



Inspected Item Image
 Driveway Inspection Type: Concrete [raw]

Condition: Satisfactory

 Steps To Building Inspection
Stair Type: Concrete
Landing: Concrete
Railing: No

Condition: Satisfactory

Concrete landing has a crack. Crack in concrete needs repair.

 Sidewalks/Walkways Inspection
Type: Concrete

Condition: Satisfactory

 Trees & Shrubs Inspection

Condition: Needs Maintenance

-There are tree branches rubbing against the house.
-There are shrubs growing too close to the foundation.Comments:
Shrubbery is contacting structure. Keep shrubs trimmed away from the siding.

 Grading At House Wall Inspection

Condition: Needs Maintenance

-There are low-lying areas where water can pool.
-Water runs off the roof and pools near the foundation.Comments:
Add fill near the house to slope away approximately 1″ per ft. within 6 ft. Keep downspouts extended 5-6 ft. from the house.

 Patio/Terrace Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Concrete
Location: Back of the house



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