Inspection of Roofing Components

The inspection of the roof system includes a visual examination of the surface materials, connections, penetrations and roof drainage systems. We examine the roofing material for damage and deterioration. We examine the roof system for possible leaks, damage and conditions that suggest limited remaining service life. We may offer opinions concerning repair and/or replacement if warranted. Opinions stated herein concerning the roofing material are based on the general condition of the roof system as evidence by our visual inspection. These do not constitute a warranty that the roof is or will remain, free of leaks. All roofing systems require annual maintenance. Failure to perform routine maintenance will usually result in leaks and accelerated deterioration of the roof covering and flashings. When provided, our estimates of the roof’s life expectancy are based on the assumption that the roof will be properly maintained during that period. The only way to determine whether a roof is absolutely watertight i s to observe it during a prolonged rainfall. Many times, this situation is not present during the inspection and we cannot confirm this condition. We suggest that an annual inspection of the Attic area be performed where accessible to identify if any leaks are evident.


Inspected Item Image
 Roof Style Type: Hip  
 Roof Covering Inspection Type: Asphalt Layers: 1 Layer Approximate Age: years [raw]

Condition: Professional Consultation

-The shingle tabs are clawing or curling up at the edges.
-There are signs of deterioration on the roof covering.

Garage roof shingles are starting to curl up at the edges

 Gutters and Downspouts Inspection
Type: Galvanized

Condition: Needs Maintenance

Extensions: Has ExtensionsProblems:
-There are missing sections of gutters/downspouts.Comments:
East side of the house downspouts are missing extensions



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