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Home Inspections issues in Warren MI – Bank Owned property 48092

Last week I went to inspect a bank owned home in Warren Michigan. Always before going to do a house inspection I try to get more information about the property to familiarize with the house. Sometimes only by looking at the listing pictures I can see some issues with the house. I did not see anything out of the ordinary, and by reading the listing agent remarks everything was great.

Below are some pictures from the inspection report of some of the issues that I found.
 Roof Issues Warren Property Home Inspection Roof condition at this home in Warren, MI, showed lots of signs of damage, even some signs of rot.
 Property inspections in Warren MI - not enough clearance for toilet and sink  This issue I have to put in the hall of fame as far as the defects. Great bathroom, with brand new stone tiles, but missing the toilet and the sink. After a closer look the home inspector realize why the fixtures are missing. Not enough clearance to install the fixtures. Hmmm, this beautiful bathroom might need some more work than planned.
 Pipes missing when the home was inspected in Warren Michigan  In the basement the home inspector found another big issue in this Warren house. No water pipes. Without this property inspection the buyer would have bought a home without water lines. That’s an extra surprise, specially for someone on a tight budget.
 Attic Issues found in the Warren Michigan ranch, by the home inspector  This Warren home inspection also discover some issues when inspecting the attic. One of the biggest issues the home inspector found was signs of mold growth. Of course needed to be tested to determine the type of mold, but that’s an expense to fix. Also the house inspector found some issues with the house insulation & ventilation. Hiring a property home inspector was a great idea.



The inspection cost it was worth it, because the above issues and many other ones that the home inspector found in this home in Warren Michigan will not be found by a home buyer when seeing the home.

Call us for a property inspection in Michigan.

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