Heating System Inspection

Our examination of the heating system includes a visual examination of the exposed and accessible heating equipment, thermostat, safety controls, venting and the means of air distribution. Our inspection of the heating system includes activating the heating system via the thermostat and a visual examination of the accessible components listed below. These items are examined for proper function, excessive or unusual wear and general state of repair. Heat exchangers are inaccessible by design, and are not part of the ASHI standards of practice. They must be completely removed from the furnace to be fully evaluated. Our inspection does not include disassembly of the furnace. The inspector cannot light pilot lights due to the liability. The inspector does not test safety devices. To obtain maximum efficiency and reliability from your heating system, we recommend annual servicing and inspections by a qualified heating specialist. Determining the condition of oil tanks, whether exposed or buried, is beyond the scope of this inspection. Leaking oil tanks represent an environmental hazard, which is sometimes a costly condition to address.

Inspected Item Image
Heating System [raw]

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Forced Air
Fuel: Natural Gas
Age: original years
Capacity: 89000 BTU‘s
Heat System Location: Basement
Thermostat Location: Great room area

Fuel Source

Condition: Satisfactory

Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Fuel Supply: Public Gas
Status: Turned On

 Heat Distribution

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Ductwork
Pipes: Galvanized
Located in: Some Rooms

Unit Venting

Condition: Satisfactory


Condition: Satisfactory

Air Filters

Condition: Satisfactory

Filter Type: Disposable


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