Exterior and Structure Inspection

Our inspection of the Exterior grounds includes the surface drainage, grading, some fencing, gates, sidewalks, patios, driveways, and retaining walls adjacent to the structure. The inspection of the exterior of the building includes the cladding, trim, eaves, fascias, decks, porches, downspouts, railings, doors, windows and flashings. Areas hidden from view by finished walls or stored items cannot be judged and are not a part of this inspection. Minor cracks are typical in many foundations and most do not represent a structural problem. If major cracks present along with rotation, we routinely recommend further evaluation be made by a qualified professional structural engineer. The grading of the soil should allow for surface and roof water to flow away from the foundation. All concrete slabs experience some degree of cracking due to shrinkage in the drying process or minor settlement. All items listed are inspected for their proper function, poor installation, excessive wear and general state of repair. Where deck carpeting, stacked firewood, excessive vegetation, soil and other coverings are installed over decking and patio surfaces, the materials or their nature of construction and condition of the underneath these coverings cannot be determined.




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 Building Information Year Constructed: 1999 Type: Single  
 Wall Structure Inspection [raw]

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Wood Frame

 Wall Covering Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Wood, BrickProblems:
-There are signs of rot/decay in the exterior wall covering.Comments:
Water damage at the main entry post. Replace damaged wood, caulk & paint.

 Exterior Receptacles Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: GFCI

 Gas Meter & Piping Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

 Exterior Windows Inspection

Condition: Professional Consultation

-There are defects in the windows that could cause water damage.
-There are gaps or openings around the window(s) that need to be caulked.Comments:
Front bay window frame has evidence of water damage. Professional consultation is recommendedGarage window paint is pealing. Must be repainted before any additional damages. See pictures at the end of report.

 Exterior Doors Inspection

Condition: Not Satisfactory

Type: WoodProblems:
-There are cracked, broken, or delaminating sections.Comments:
Main entry door is damaged. Door and casing must be replaced. Additional pictures at the end of the report.

 Foundation Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Concrete

 Trim Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Wood

 Downspouts Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

-The downspouts cause water to pool and run toward the house.Comments:
Downspout does not divert water away from foundation properly. Add extensions.

Eaves & Soffits Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

 Chimney(s) Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: In Chase
Location: Back of the house


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