Common Problems Identified in Home Inspections

Five Problems identified by the home inspector in Michigan

The home inspection is a much bigger part of the buying process than many people realize. The information that comes up during the home inspection can often make or break the deal. Sometimes new homeowners only discover major defects and problems after the papers have been signed, and then are left to wonder why they weren’t warned beforehand. You can avoid this situation by making sure you talk to your home inspector about these five major issues found during the property inspections.

Insufficient Insulation

 Insulation Issues when performing a home inspection The Michigan winters can be brutal, and heating costs can be even tougher. The last thing you want to do is to pay for the heat that escaping outside. Unfortunately for many home owners, the insulation that’s in your house may not be enough to combat temperatures in the teens and twenties.

No Exterior Bathroom Fan Vent

 Bathroom fan not properly vented outside. House Inspector found this in a Troy House Inspection Nearly every bathroom and powder room has a vent in the ceiling, sometimes  as part of the light fixture. However, you might be surprised to learn just how often that fan vent doesn’t make it all the way outside.

Why is this such a problem? Outside of the code violation involved in fans that vent to an attic, you’ll also be drawing the higher humidity found in your bathroom into the attic or overhead space. There the vapor will turn back into water and condense, causing mold and mildew to grow on your beams, insulation, and any other exposed surface.

Mold issues found in the attics because the bathroom fans where not vented outside.

 Troy home inspection mold issues found by the home inspector  Birmingham home inspector found mold in the attic



Electrical Panel Box Problems

Electrical problems are scary — that’s why you want to know about them before you buy. Make sure you have a conversation with your home inspector about the electrical panel in your prospective new home, and be sure to ask him to explain any problematic issues he discovers.


 Harrison Twp Michigan home inspections - Grading issues found by the property inspector “Grading” refers to the lay of the land around your home’s foundation. Poor grading is often the cause of problems resulting from poor drainage, which can in turn lead to a soggy lawn and a wet basement. Even a home that was built recently may still have grading problems, as it can take three to five years after construction for the fill dirt around the foundation to settle.


Landscaping Near the House

You’re probably hoping to find some nice landscaping already done at your new home, but when trees or shrubs are planted too close to the foundation, you can experience real problems. Not only can limbs and branches cause damage to your siding, but trees and shrubs can also prevent water from drying and evaporating around your home’s exterior. Also, the roots of trees can interfere with sewers and even damage your foundation. Ask your home inspector whether he sees any landscaping problems in your future.

Get Help

You expect your home inspector to help you root out any potential problems before you buy.  If you’re not sure where to look or whom to ask, your realtor or broker will probably be able to recommend at least one or two reputable inspectors. Ask your friends, family and coworkers for a name, and you’re sure to find someone you can trust.


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