Attic Inspection

Our inspection of the Attic includes a visual examination of the roof framing, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. There are often heating ducts, bathroom vent ducts, electrical wiring, chimneys and appliance vents in the Attic. We examined these systems and components for proper function, unusual wear and general state of repair, leakage, venting and unusual or improper improvements. When low clearances and deep insulation prohibits walking in an unfinished Attic, inspection will be from the access opening only. Vaulted ceilings cannot be inspected.



Inspected Item Image
 Attic Access Inspection Access Type: Stairs, Scuttle Hole Attic Access Location: Master Bedroom Closet
 Attic Ventilation Inspection [raw]

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Soffit Vents, Roof Vents
Fan Type: None Observed

 Roof Frame Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Truss

 Vent Pipes & Flashing Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Leaks Observed: No Leaks

 Ceiling Frame Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type of Framing: Truss

 Moisture & Mildew Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: None

 Attic Insulation Inspection

Condition: Satisfactory

Type: Batts, Rolled, Poured, Blown
Location: In Floor
Average Depth (Inches): 12″-14″

 Attic Sheathing
Observed: Observed

Condition: Satisfactory


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About the Home Inspector
Dan Joandrea

- I have been working in the home remodeling / construction industry for over 11 years. I have decided to open a home inspection company to help real estate home buyers to make an informed decision before making their biggest investment of their life. The home inspection is a very important step when purchasing a home.